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Ledlenser H5R WORK rechargeable headlamp

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The Ledlenser H5R WORK rechargeable headlamp is super tough, compact, focusable, features a dimming function and delivers a more natural light due to its high CRI value. It’s the perfect choice for any workplace
• 7-year with registration warranty - for complete peace of mind
• Three brightness levels - Boost 500lm, Power 300lm, Low Power 15lm
• Patented Advanced Focusing System - clever engineering enables seamless beam focusing for flood (near) or spot (distance) illumination and any level in-between
• Natural Light Technology - delivers light with a high colour rendering index (CRI) score for those that demand precision in distinguishing colours as accurately as
• Directable light - ability to angle the light beam up or down (within 160°) for maximum illumination flexibility
• Flicker-free light - prevents a strobe effect, for example on fast moving machinery
• Seal-Tight Technology - supreme level of ingress protection. 100% dust tight. Watertight against the effects of immersion in water between 15cm and 1m for up to
30 minutes. Rated IP67. Ideal for working in dusty or wet environments
• Cooling Technology - helps the unit from overheating and thus prolongs the life of the unit by preventing damage to the light and its components
• Anti-microbial headstrap material - helps inhibit the growth of harmful microorganism. Additionally, the adjustable headstrap can be detached for washing.
• Additional anti-slip silicone headband (supplied) provides a strong stable grip to helmets
• Protective rubber lens cover and protective screen - helps protect the lens against impact, scratches and chemical damage. Removable so allows for easy cleaning.
Also makes it easier to focus the light.
• Low Battery warning - allows user time to replace batteries before power runs out
• Battery status indicator - indicates how much charge is still left in the battery
• Charging indicator - indicates when battery is fully charged during recharging
• Transport Lock mode - prevents accidental battery drain if switch is inadvertently depressed whilst in transit
• Magnetic Charge System - water and dust tight, fuss-free magnetic contact charging. No need to remove battery out of its housing
• Fast charging via supplied magnetic contact charging cable - just 3.5 hours to full charge
• Features a one-fits-all connector that allows attachment to various accessories
• Supplied with integrated Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery pack, magnetic contact charging cable, helmet clips, additional anti-slip silicone headband and protective rubber lens cover

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