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Ledlenser P6R Work Torch

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11th May 2023

Hi, I'm Mark from Vita Plumbers in Hertfordshire. I'm just going to give you a little review on this Ledlenser W6R Work.
It's quite a nice torch, light. Seems very functional. Has two lights on it. You've got the floodlight here, and then you've got the spotlight here. Floodlight does have two settings, one, and then a slightly brighter one. And then you've got the spot on the front here. I find it quite bright, very easy to use. Does have a magnet on here as well, stick to the boilers that I use and then I can spin the light all the way around to whatever angle I want. Also has a handy little hook that you can hook it onto.
All in all, great torch. Charges via USBC. And you also have a little indicator near the power button, tells you how much power you've got left in the torch. Also, what I found is, once you've got your torch on, you don't have to cycle all the way through to turn it off. You can just turn it once and it'll turn off. All in all, great torch, Ledlenser W6R Work.

16th February 2023

Hi Tool Talk. Again, it's Chris from Minty Property Development and we've got another Ledlenser Tool Talk review.
This is the P6R work light. Like all the others, really well-made, extremely bright. There's three different settings on this. Again, you can have a more direct or a flood beam. Personally, for me, I've not used it a lot. I prefer the head torch because I use my hands in boilers, doing whatever, I can't be having this and only using one hand. But yeah, it's well-made. I can see this being great for home or in the garage or something, trying to find it. It comes with quite a snazzy little charging dock, should we say, or docking station. Again, it's got the magnetic charging strip, which on this probably feels a bit stronger than the head torches or stuff like that because it's not going anywhere. The charger is actually locked onto the magnetic strip on the dock rather than having to be on there. It's waterproof. Seven year guarantee or seven year warranty. Bright, feels solid. It's just not my personal favourite because it's a bit big to put in your trousers. It's going to probably either be at home or in the toolbox. So if I'm not on site and I've got my bag with me or anything, then I won't bring it. I've got the smaller version that goes on my keys and that is just as bright of what I needed to do. Yeah, that over this, but great torch. It's got a funny little light on it, which I'm not sure what it's for. Because if I was holding a torch I'd be holding it on that. So it's kind of covered. So who knows? Not for me, really. But good torch, happy with it. It remembers on what you've been on most. So if I change... That's on the brightest setting, green light comes on, I then turn it off, give it a second, turn it back on, it automatically comes back onto the brightest setting. Same with all the others. I have it on the dullest setting, leave it on for a second, off and on again, back onto the dullest setting. So that's quite a handy little feature to remember what setting it has been on. Overall, good torch.

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