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Neilson Xi-on Socket Set - 20pc 3/8in.Dr

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12th June 2018

All right guys. Mike here for Expert Trades doing a review on this Neilsen Xi-on Socket Rail and Sockets.

Now, I have a friend who is a motor mechanic. As most motor mechanics are, he's a complete Snap-on freak. Personally, I've got some Snap-on stuff. I think it's vastly overpriced for what it does, but everybody to their own. I was really quite bemused when he kept telling me about these Neilsen Xi-on Sockets.

Now, these sockets are £10 for 15 sockets. Come with a socket rail, and they also come with two 13 and two 10 mils, which is good because these are the most common used sizes I tend to find. Also, for quarter inch socket set, there's a 14 which comes in use if you're working on a pushbike. I tend to find, now and again, people ask me to look at a pushbike for them. I need a 14 mil.

It saves you getting out a completely different set for it, because I rarely ever have a quarter inch drive myself. I do have a half inch and 3/8th, but never really need it. Anyway, these sockets, when he kept raving about them, it did really confuse me, like I say, being a Snap-on freak. I tell you what, I've got them and I've not been disappointed.

The interesting feature these sockets have is inside the [inaudible 00:01:14] if you can see it there, it does have little teeth in it. What they've tried to do is replicate Snap-on's Flank Drive feature, which they have done very, very well. It does work.

What they're designed to do is if you have a standard bolt like that is round it off like that. They're well gripping surprisingly. Bearing in mind for the money, this was £10. £10 you can get these or you can get this very funky coloured Sealey set which, frankly, are crap compared to these for £10.

Now, I'm an absolute Wiga freak myself. I like these that much, I bought the 3/8th and the half inch drive ones and the D-quarter inch ones, because I've been that impressed with these. I would recommend them to anybody. I've done a demonstration at work, which I'll show you now, and you'll be pleasantly surprised I hope. Anyway, thanks guys.