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Olight S1A Baton

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The S1A Baton is an all new LED flashlight powered by a convenient single AA battery. The S1A is the upgraded version of the extremely popular S15 Baton with double the performance including our signature TIR optic lens that delivers 600 lumens. This flashlight is compatible with any AA battery for ease of use (Diameter:14mm; Length: 50mm). The S1A Baton has five brightness levels and a strobe mode covering a range of 0.5~600 lumens. The S1A maintains the signature style of the Olight Baton
series such as the black stainless steel pocket clip using salt bath nitride technology, blue clamping ring on the flashlight bezel and button, and a magnetic tailcap. Being so compact, it can be placed in a pocket, bag, or attach to a belt.The S1A Baton is a convenient illumination tool that can meet anyone’s everyday needs.

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6th June 2018

All right. Mike here for Expert Trades doing a review on the Olight S1A Baton. I'm a really big fan of Olight flashlights. I find for the money, you just can't beat them. This retails at £30, has a nice, strong magnetic tail cap which is brilliant. You can see, it isn't going anywhere there. Then, also, has a nice deep carry pocket clip. This is removable as well or you can change whatever side you want. It also comes with a lanyard, which I've chose not to attach to it.

The thing I like most about this torch is, because I've got quite a few different versions of Olights, is this one will take a standard AA battery. I'm not a massive fan of torches where you need a specialised battery or it will only take a rechargeable battery. With a standard AA battery, you get three light modes in this. You get a five lumen, a 50 lumen or a 220 lumen which, for the size of the torch, is outstanding.

On top of that, if you choose to put a 14 500 rechargeable lithium-ion battery in it, you can actually get 600 lumens out of this, which is ridiculously bright for such a small torch. You have two bulb options with these as well. I always go for cool white, because I find it gives off a really bright, white light. You can get neutral white as well, which gives better colour representation. I prefer the cool white just because it gives off a bright, crisp, white light.

Also, does have a very funky looking blue PVD ring. Now, the aluminium is scratched a bit on this as you use it day-to-day. The blue is holding up tough still. The button is mounted on the top, nice and simple design. Just press once for on, once for off. Now, if you hold it, it does cycle through the light modes. Great little torch, two options to power it up. For £30, it will be hard to beat especially for the size.

The other thing which is useful with this as well is if you happen to wear a baseball cap, you can just slot it onto your baseball cap and it becomes a head torch. That's the Olight S1A guys. Thanks.

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