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McAlpine Kneepads

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Review for McAlpine Kneepads by JR heating & Plumbing
29th July 2022

Wouldn’t be without these knee pads. I used to use the foam ones from Screfix but they lose their shape quick and don’t last. Heard good things about these but was bit put off because of the price they were about 50 quid when I bought them. But glad I did, they’ve lasted at least 12 months by now and apart from being a bit dirty they’re basically as good as new. Worth every penny and look like they’ll last at least another twelve months for sure. They are a little tough to squeeze in to the knee pockets but once their in you never need to take them out.

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27th February 2023

Hi, it's Andrew from ATR Plumbing and today I'm doing the review for the McAlpine Redback Kneepads for Tool Talk. I've been using these for about a month now and I'm very impressed with them. They're made of like a rubber honeycomb mesh which spreads the weight out evenly. They've got like a convex shaped to them, so the breathable red side goes against the knee. They are machine washable and can be left in the trousers, so that's quite helpful. You don't have to remove them after work. They've got breathable mesh and they keep their shape very well.
These are like kneepads I've used previously just made of like a foam material. And as you can see, they deform quite quickly to be honest. Just a few weeks, they're no use. I couldn't use these anymore. Just to show you. These have kept their shape perfectly. They've not changed in any way, so they're a really good product. Highly recommend them for anyone that works on their knees, long periods or short periods of time. Here's the McAlpine Kneepads in place in some of my work trousers. Spreads out the weight really well. Comfortable to work in. Move around. Good product.

2nd December 2022

Hello, people. It's Macaulay for Smart Pipe Plumbing Services. Hope you all are doing good.
Before we get started, I'd like say a massive thank you to Expert Trades and Tool Talk TV for sending me out the McAlpine Redback knee pads. These are a rubber kneepad that are built from a honeycomb effect, with a rubber insert inside... Well, it's a silicone insert inside to add for that extra protection.
These are really comfortable. I've been using these for a few days now. At first, you could feel the indents in there, but you soon... Oh, throwing that about. We soon get used to that. It is a one size fits all. You can squeeze it. When you put them into your trouser, you just squeeze it together, slide them in, and it comes back out. I use the Scruff trousers and they're a little bit tight to get into the knees, but once it's in, it's in. It's not coming back out.
Like I said, they're made a rubber, so it is definitely washable. I've washed it once already and put it through the tumble dryer, and it is fine. It's not lost its shape or shrunk like some other knee pads on the market do.
I think, in my opinion, I am definitely converted and I don't think I'll be buying any other knee pads in the future going forward. I love these now, and it is important to protect your knees. I couldn't recommend these any more.
Hope you all enjoyed the video. Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, hit notification bell, and I will see you guys next time.

10th August 2022

Hi, everyone. Joe from Apex EC here, just doing a quick review on the McAlpine Redbacks kneepads I got. So I've been really impressed with them. They're very good build. You can see, they're actually rubber and they've got this hollow construction that definitely helps keeping your knees cooler. You also have inside, extra structural rubber in the centre for your knees to really cushion it. As you can see, different build to normal knee pads. These aren't going to wear apart any time soon and you've got much better coverage and it's curved slightly, so it allows you to roll a bit. The upside to these knee pads whereas other ones is they're so soft, your knee tends to roll around on them, whereas these, your knee stays pretty central and you don't get any of the impact. The other upside is, any screws and that, nails, bits of rubble, everything we kneel on, will actually probably sit inside these as you kneel down, instead of piercing the knee pad and getting through to your knee.

Other than that, really good build, quite like them, can't wait to give them a go. I'm wearing shorts more at the minute, but I'll show a little demonstration with my trousers on. And yeah, other than that, all good.

As mentioned, here's a little video of them being in use, installed in the trousers. Because they're a rubber construction, they do slide in fairly well and they grip a little bit, but there is not a problem with that. And I've forgot to mention where you can remove the fabric piece of the knee pad. Obviously you can stick that in the wash, which helps keep them clean. The rubber itself could probably just be rinsed if it did get dirty. As you can see, they fit really nicely. These are actually a slim fit trouser leg, so they're not taking up too much space, considering there are some big bulky ones. Then because of their actual design, they're curved on the edges, they fit round your leg better, I would say, than most knee pads, which are basically just flat. As you can see there, they're actually curving round. I'll do a little impact drop just to see what it's like. You see, didn't really feel anything. With these knee pads, it just feels like you kneeling on a smooth surface, so they're very comfortable and as you can see, they keep the fit of the trousers.

10th August 2022

Hi, I'm Phil from Stokes Heating. First of all, I'd like to thank Tool Talk for sending me the Redback Kneepads. A rubber honeycomb construction with an internal soft rubber, great for kneeling on.

Although, they don't look as comfortable as the rest, they're really soft, when you get them in the knee pads. They fit both, I've had Snickers trousers and Mascot trousers, they fit both of them easy.

They're quite durable there. I've had these ones about three years now and still the same thickness, still the same shape. There's not much more give in them than these ones. They've lasted really well actually, compared to the polystyrene type we used to use, where the balls go soft. They melt in the tumble dryer. These ones have been through the wash, through the tumble dryer, and they're no problem at all. So thank you to Tool Talk. Looking forward to the new pair.

28th July 2022

Hi, guys, Black Country Al from Fitzgerald Electrical & Plumbing Solutions. Just giving a quick review this week on some kneepads that I've been given to tryout. I wear Snickers trousers, usually as a rule. Usually, obviously I wear Snickers, I've tried a few different kneepads out, but I've been wearing the last so many couple of years or so these Snickers kneepads, which are all in one piece of foam. There's an orange bit in the middle there, I don't know what that's all about. I usually wear those, and they are pretty good in terms of protection for my knees. In the hot weather though, my legs, they do, if you're wearing these, feel quite a tight fit around your legs. They do make your legs sweat, which ain't good when it's hot, and you're up and down, cause them to rub and things like that, so sometimes it can be uncomfortable in the hot weather.

I'm trying out these McAlpine Redbacks, I'm giving these a try this week. It's a piece of rubber that's like a honeycomb effect, so it's holes through it. Then it's covered with a piece of fabric, like a tough piece of canvas type stuff, and then a mesh on the back, which I'm guessing is breathable. Pretty thick, and they're quite flexible, they fit into the pockets okay. I've tried them in pockets on in me Snickers and they fit quite well. I'm trying them out this week in the hot weather, hopefully they'll be better than the others and we'll see how they go. I'll give you an update later in the week. Cheers guys. Thanks.

Hi guys. Black Country Al, back from Fitzgerald Electrical & Plumbing Solutions, doing a quick Tool Talk review on some kneepads. I did a video earlier in the week on the kneepads saying I was going to try them out this week. Come to the end of the week now, just doing another follow up on that. Basically, I've tried these out, these McAlpine Redbacks instead of my usual Snickers kneepads, I wear Snickers trousers 6241s, I think they are. Which are a slim fit around the leg, so when you've got kneepads in in this hot weather, they can be uncomfortable. Mine, they cause your legs to sweat around your knees and your shins, and they can cause sores as well.

They can get sore with them rubbing, so I give these a try instead of my usual ones, and they've been sound. Pretty good, obviously the weather's been hot, so any kneepads are going to cause your trousers, your legs, to be a bit sweaty. Especially in this hot weather climbing in and out of lofts, and I've give these a good going this week, up and down on me knees, in and out the loft, climbing across the joints and whatnot. They've been pretty good protection wise now, no screw dents or anything in my knees. So, protection wise, they're sound. They're just as good as the others, comfortable because they squash down. They are a bit breathable, because of the shape, this honeycomb effect that they've made and the material, which is breathable, and it absorbs some of the moisture.

They are pretty comfortable and they're being sound, they've held the shape, like I said. They're easy to put in an air in my pocket on my trousers, no problems at all. Cost wise, compared to my Snickers ones I think they're about the same, there's nothing in it I don't think, really. So, I probably would buy these again in the future, once these are a bit battered and worn out, or broken down, what have you. But they've been great, thumbs up, all good.

28th July 2022

Hi, guys. Tony Lewis here, AL Plumbing and Heating, wanted to do a review on the McAlpine Redbacks Kneepads. Get them out the packet. A lot of people have described them as heavy. I don't think they're heavy. They're good. They've got a soft liner to go against your knee inside the pads. Looking at the pad themselves... Just strip the covers off. They're a rubberised unit with a flexi on the inside, which is what gives you the support on your knee when you're kneeling with them. I've had Redbacks Kneepads now for four, five years easily. This is a pair that I've just taken out of a pair of trousers now. And you can see that, five years and they're still pretty good. They've lost a bit of the flex, but five years have been in trousers, left in the trousers when they're washed and they're still perfectly good.

Yeah, looking forward to trying these. I'll see how easily they go in and out of the trousers. I'll do another video on that in a minute. But, I can't say anything other than good things about these knee pads. They save your knees no end. I've had various problems with my knees, and using these as meant that I've been able to carry on working because of the support that these give. Because of the depth, any nails or anything you knee on, isn't going to go into your knee. It stays within the pad.

They're just a good quality knee pad. Comfortable. These knee pads are brilliant. They're nice and wide, so they actually cushion all around your knee when you're kneeling on it, which gives support not only from the knee itself, but also on either side. Really good kneepads. I wouldn't be without them. They're the best thing ever. If you've got knee joint problems... Actually almost massage your knee when you're kneeling in them. They feel that comfortable once they're on. They do make your trousers feel a little bit heavier than the cheap, thin rubberised kneepads, but you're getting so much more protection and so much more comfort from these pads. It's worth the extra little bit of weight.

Let's try putting the Redbacks into your trousers. As the instructions tell you you're best to fold them in half, open your pocket on your trousers, and then slide them in easily. Have a good tight fit in the pockets. Yeah. Good. Nice, and easy. But the beauty is, because you don't have to take them out every time you wash your trousers, you only have to do it once until your trousers are worn out, like these are nearly. And then you take them out to put them in your new trousers. Brilliant piece of kit.

28th July 2022

Hi, guys. Expert Trades have, again, very kindly sent us out a wee product to look at. This time it's these Redbacks knee pads. I'd heard a lot about these here, never really thought much of them. These particular ones here are in-trouser ones, which I would show you in situ but really you wouldn't see my work trousers too well here. Now what they really are, and I'll show you it, is a mesh in behind the cloth.

Now, I've tried these here for a couple of jobs, crawling about attics and things like that. You know, the sort of jobs we all love. And I must admit, first impression of them I didn't like them. I felt like I could feel the mesh through into my knee, and you know I thought that wasn't very comfortable. That feeling very quickly went away, and they are actually really, really comfy when you get used to them. You barely notice the things on your knee, you don't feel anything sticking into you like you might do a foam one. And handy part as well, you can actually throw them in the machine with your trousers, you don't have to take them out, which I can see me actually doing especially in bigger jobs.

I must admit they seem to be very, very good quality. They seem extremely robust. They spring back quite well. Compared to an awful lot of foam ones they're lightweight, you can actually have them against your leg, you don't really feel them rubbing against you as much as you would other brands. For something so simple and so light, personally I would recommend these here, and I've heard people before praising them. I'd never thought... I thought to myself, "Nah, don't need that, the cheap foam ones I bought from Screwfix do the job." No, they don't.

Definitely worth an investment if you're on your knees at all. These reduce fatigue, they'll help save your knees, make life an awful lot better for you. Give 'em a go guys, honestly.

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