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Stanley Fatmax 18" Cantilever Tool Box

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Product Information
This cantilever toolbox is ideal for storing and transporting equipment such as hand tools.

Comes with - Waterproof seal, heavy duty metal latches and padlock loop
Durability - Heavy duty
Material - Structural foam plastic
Size - 18 "
Handle type - Foldable
Features and Benefits
Two tier cantilever opening with customisable dividers for maximum flexibility and easy tool access
Water proof seal for protection off tools on job site from dust and damp
Large metal latches and padlock loop for durability and security
Large base storage for larger hand and power tools

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6th June 2018

Hi, guys. Mike here. I'm reviewing the Stanley Fatmax Waterproof Toolbox. This is rated to IB53, has two nice big chunky metal latches that you can put a padlock through on either side on either one.

Nice, robust carry handle. Also has a slot here for cutting out wood or pipe, get your wood on, get your foot across it and give it a nice cut there.

Once these are open, you'll see the nice big rubber seal all the way around the lid, which gives you that waterproof.

Now the main gain side to fame of this toolbox is the fact that it's a cantilever box. You do need all that space. Just open it up. As you see, drawers slide back all the way. You can move these to change the layer to the drawers, so I was using that, but I find that track works for me.

The bottom is nice and deep. You can fit plenty in there. I do have full set of screwdrivers, ratchets and spanners and all the way in the bottom of that.

But nice box, nice size, and you just fold out small, and I like boxes where you can find everything easier rather than having to dig through, and I find these two drawers do help with that.

I think I'm having 27 from being B&G. You can get it from Screw Fix, but it is 40 pounds, but all in all, guys, a nice box. I would definitely recommend it for keeping your stuff dry if you're working outside all day. Thanks, guys.

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