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TPI 716

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Recent Conversation

image of KNIPEX StepCut Cable Shears
KNIPEX StepCut Cable Shears
New review by Mt Electrical
3 hours ago

After years of using CK croppers I was very kindly given these to review, I was dubious about how they would compare but I must say I only wished I had of come across them sooner!. Excellent for Cutting all types of cables and even cuts 25mm tails with ease. These shears leave a very clean and precise cut, and as with knives the build quality is second to none as usual. The only minor concern is they are slightly on the small side so once you get to the 25mm tails you need to use 2 hands to be able to open the jaw wide enough other than that they are spot on. If they become available in a larger size I think they would be ideal and will be purchasing a pair myself Would highly recommend them as part of your tool kit and are reasonably priced as well.

image of NWS
New review by SGKC Electrical
1 day ago

Great product, I have the multi purpose side cutter and the “first fix” cutters, nice to handle cut through most stuff I throw at them, had a faulty pair (fell apart) and was replaced with no hassle, good price highly recommended over other cutters

image of MyBuilder
New review by SGKC Electrical
1 day ago

Once upon a tome used to be a good site, too many cowboys not being properly checked out and verified, too many customers expecting things done cheaply, they shortlist you and you get charged even if you can’t make contact.

image of Checkatrade
New review by SGKC Electrical
1 day ago

Don’t normally do bad reviews, been with Checkatrade for a few years now, the idea is great but does requires a lot of back ground paperwork keeping reviews uptodate, if you don’t you fall lower down the list