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TPI 717R

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Review for TPI 717R by GPR Heating
1st June 2018

I’ve been using this kit for 6 months now and am very pleased with it. Mostly because of Dave Patrick, the service manager for Europe. There were a few niggles at first but he has gone out of his way to work things out for me. I maneged to break two particle filter lids and the battery was playing up so he sent me replacements the next day. That’s what I call service. I’m happy with the analyser as it does what it says on the box. My only quibble now is that the backlight goes off on a timer and I would like to be able to choose how long I want the backlight on for. It’s rather annoying to have to press and hold the function button again when the backlight turns off especially when it sometimes jumps to the next function when one is halfway through a combustion check. Apart from that it’s a good piece of kit and I’m happy with it. I recommend get serious batteries for the printer if you have one. At least 2500 maH and rechargeable if possible coz it eats them.

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