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TRACER ProScribe Tool

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Overal rating: 5
Review for TRACER ProScribe Tool by John Carne
30th May 2022

Let me start by saying I love the idea of the Tracer.

The tracer scribing tools is a brilliant idea but it’s just not been executed that well unfortunately.
The tool should be made from aluminium or steel especially the bright green bit and the black arm attached to it that hold the pencil. After using it just once I can already see cracks forming in the green plastic.

This tool is great if you need to scribe flooring or some other profile were your making at 90 degrees but if your marking parallel for instance scribing a panel to a wonky wall but the gap is 5mm this tool is bad it will move from the angle you need to set it at to get a 5mm scribe and so is no good for what I would mostly use it for.

The pencil it’s self is fantastic I really like it I’ve had several of this type and this I’m my favourite so far because you don’t have to remove the case from your pocket/pouch/belt to sharpen it as the sharpener is on top instead of the bottom or the side some way down.

It comes in a very nice case that is will protect your tool your pencil and the spare leads that it comes with which is handy because mine always end up lost in my tool bag.
So overall I would give this product 6/10 for me personally but if your a flooring guy you’ll love it.

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Review for TRACER ProScribe Tool by Lee Key Plumbers
4th May 2022

The Proscribe comes with an handy carrying case, that holds the Proscribe long pencil with holster. The pencil holster has a built in pencil sharpener built in to the belt clip. It comes with a supply of replacement leads and yellow markers, all stored in a strong holder. There is also in the kit the Tracer Pro scribe tool. This is a multi use tool / marking tool, that allows you to use the proscribe as a compass, or to use in contour mode to scribe profiles, or parallel scribing. All adjustments are made by adjusting the nurled nuts at the front and rear of the proscribe. There is a set of instructions that can be kept inside the case.
Very impressive and looks professional, when using it. The carry case gives further protection to the pencil, scribe and replacement leads. Although the holder for the replacement leads is robust and great to protect the replacement lead the carry case keeps the whole set together in one easy to access case. A great addition to any toolbox.

Build Quality:

Ease of Use:


Value For Money:


10th August 2022

xHi guys, Expert Trades have very kindly sent us the TRACER ProScribe. Which, I'm not much really for scribing with, so we're going to give it a go. See how easy it is to use. But we'll show the first, that it's quite handy wee thing. It comes in a great wee case, which is good for me, because well, I like losing stuff.

And I like the TRACER pencils, I actually carry one every day as it is, but the good thing is here, it even comes with a spare one. So when I do, well, set it down somewhere and it gets borrowed by another tradesmen, which of course never happens. It comes with everything you need. There's the ProScribe down at the bottom, the pencil with the great wee sharpener inside of it and spare leads.

But we'll put it together here, I've got a wee bit of skirting board here I'm going to mark out, and we'll see what it looks like. As you can see it's very good quality, it's well built, everything locks in place exactly where you want it, just tighten some wee screws up.

The pencil which you can take out your pocket of your trousers, you don't have to necessarily keep it in it and you're ready to go. As you can see you've a wee bit of skirting board here I'm going to cut down. Excuse the floor, it's been under repairs until after the fireplace has been changed.

Let's see how we get on. Now, as I said, I'm not much good with this here so it's going to be a bit of a learning curve here for all of us. Excuse me while my old body gets down on the floor. Try do this here before the dog comes in and drives me crazy. So, I'm basically going to try to scribe from here. I do not scribe. So I'm as much of a novice as anything else, as you can see, because I'm not able to make this work. I think if I do it right... hang on. Just give me a second, I'll just see what if I can adjust it, here we go, that made it easier.

Right, let's try this here again. So I go from the bottom, go up. I'm sorry if I'm out of focus here. This is my fault, not the pen's. As you can see, if I knew what I was doing it would be a lot neater. That should give me a nice neat fit, and we're going to cut it out and give it a go.

Out here where it's lovely and sunny, and I've actually been sent at the same time this wee SMART Blade which, I use SMART Blades quite a bit so we're going to try cutting this here, see how we get on. Bare with me a sec.

So SMART Blade's on the Milwaukee, takes two seconds to change and we're going to try cutting this here out. I'm not going to bore you with that but I'll tell you how well it cuts. But I don't think I could do it one-handed while holding the phone at the same time.

As you can see, the blades done quite a nice cut, I can't really say an awful lot about my cutting skills I just noticed here but we'll try it. We'll try it out, we'll try it anyway. Let's see how well it fits. I said, I wouldn't mind a bit more exact, a bit more of my scribing ability a bit more so than the actual tool itself. If I actually cut it the proper length that would really help, but as you can see even my poor cutting ability and poor scribing ability, the shape is perfect. So the tool itself, I must admit, it's quite an impressive wee thing.

So as you can see, it wasn't too bad. Would I recommend this wee tool? Yes I would. It's a great wee thing, I do like TRACER products. I have the marker, I have a pencil already, I already have spare lead, so this is just a spare one for me that's even nicer. But if need be, I can have this here in the back of the van, bring it out whenever I need it and hopefully learn how to use it a wee bit better.

10th August 2022

Hey guys, Joe, from Westons Plumbing and Heating. I've been checking out the TRACER ProScribe.

It does do its job. Yes, it can scribe. It can be adjusted. It can do everything that it says it can do, but it's also very clunky. Compared to other ones like a Trend model, you haven't got to undo every little bolt and slide it around to do everything. You can actually use it one-handed a Trend, you just roll it out and it will give you the dimension you need.

This one you've got to sort of set it all up and then use it, which is fine, because if you're doing the same measurement, it's perfect. Because you can set it up. It won't move on you. But if you just want something quick, because you've got a bit of wood and you're trying to get it scribed in, it's sometimes a little bit better just to get the Trend model because you can literally use it one-handed. You roll the bottom and it'll open it up, close it down. As long as your pencil's in at the right point, it does what this one does on the scribe side of things.

This one's very good because you can actually do circles. A lot of people, you can just use a hole saw, draw around that, but that's actually quite handy for this, because you can clearly show where pipes and things are going to go and it looks nicer than just a handheld one. I do like the long pencil point. The actual pencil itself is great because you can set it up for longer holes. You don't have to adjust that. You can just click the button and it'll put the pencil lead out. So that's a lot better.

And to be honest, this one does feel better than a lot of the others. It is a better build, I think, but maybe they've made it slightly overcomplicated for what I need it for. I do a lot of bathrooms and do bits of kitchens. So I'm scribing in flooring, the odd end panel, bit of skirting. I'm a plumber, so I'm not really going to be doing too much woodwork, but it did come in handy when we was doing a bath, because we had to cut around for the feet for the wood and things like that. So it did really help out with that. When we had to do a bit of boxing in around some pipe work, helped with that.

But I ended up going back to my other one just because it was easier to use. I am going to keep using this one, getting more and more used to it, because probably the more I use it, the easier it'll become, and the more user-friendly it'll be. It's just like anything new, you've got to play with it until you've sussed it and worked out exactly the best way to use it yourself. Everyone uses tools differently.

So yeah, overall, very good build, looks nice. The case is sturdy. So I haven't got to worry about it breaking. And I do like the case. I don't know, if I show you that. It's a very sturdy case. So literally when I was done, I just put it with me tools, threw it in the van. Didn't have to worry about anything getting broken. So great for that.

But I think it does too many things that I don't need it to do so they could make a more basic version of the same tool and it would probably do 90% of what I need. But like I say, I'm not a carpenter, I'm not a tiler, I'm a plumber. So it's come in handy for me doing a bit of flooring, doing a bit of boxing in, on the basic stuff. But yeah, I'd rate it out of 10 stars, I'd rate it 9 just because it is sturdy and strong. But that one star is because it's a bit of a faff to use.

10th August 2022

Hi, I'm going to give a Tool Talk review today on the TRACER ProScribe. What you get in the pack is some instructions, a TRACER Deep Hole marking pencil. These are excellent. They get a lot of use for me in making the marks for marking out scribing and so on. You also get a pack of refill leads and yellow coloured pencils, which are useful for different types of materials. And then you also get the actual ProScribe. As you can see, it's made of plastic, metal bottom with a scribing point. It can be used as a compass and different ways of scribing.

I've used this on the last job hard. It was okay. It did the job scribing in some flooring. But the main problem I had with it was these tightening bolts. Despite how much you put on them, they would come loose whilst you were doing your scribe and it meant that the scribe was unreliable and it took a bit of effort to stop that happening. So that's one thing they could work on, a different sort of way of tightening the points that move on the actual scribe.

But overall it was a handy bit of kit, come in use for doing the scribing the floors. It will come in use for me scribing any piece of wood to wonky walls and so on. And yeah, it's not too bad. That one disadvantage though, not tightening up effectively. So I'd like to thank Tool Talk for giving the opportunity to test this out and thank you very much. See you later.

10th August 2022

Hello, everyone. My name's James from Eastside Electrical Limited in North Essex. I'd like to post this review regarding the TRACER scribing tool that was kindly sent to me from the guys at Expert Trades and Tool Talk. I've got to say I'm really impressed with this scribing tool. I used it for cutting in some skirting board along a new staircase. I've got to say, it's nice, easy to use. Anything with the TRACER name on it, you generally know it's going to be quality. The pencils are superb and this little tool is no different. You can use it for contour scribing, parallel scribing, and also as a compass. I haven't tried the compass mode yet, but for parallel scribing, this was superb. And as I'm not a chippy, I found this to be really good, and to be honest, improve the quality of the work that I produced, even if it was in my own house.

The set comes with a nice little case, so chucking it back in the van and it's not going to get broken. And what I thought was really handy and something we're all going to use, a load of spare leads. We've coloured leads as well. I've got to say this is highly recommended. If you are like me and try your hand at bits and pieces that you're probably not qualified to do, this could really help you out in the woodworking section. Thank you ever so much. Highly recommended and well worth a try. Thank you.

5th July 2022

Hi, guys. Joe, from Apex E C here, just giving a quick tool review on the TRACER ProScribe. First off, pretty decent case. That's pretty solid. It's nice for in the van. As typical with tracers, you get lead options, which, in this case, is the yellow and graphite. Let's get the tracer pencil itself, with sharpener built in. This is the ProScribe tool itself. We'll run through a few features of this tool and you can run it around either way, but it becomes a compass or quite easily marking up any edge. If we place it on the 10mm and we went down to, say, 75, which I think should just fit this paper safe. We had a centre mark as well. Place the scribe on there and rotate the pencil.
Now, this would be particularly handy for odd size products. At the minute, we are fitting some lights that are 200 mil wide, and, also, we have some spotlights, or emergency down lights, which are 45mm. This comes in handy for marking up exact measurements. We also have some speakers that are 210mm. This will be very handy for the marking of that, if you're going to cut out by hand.
As the name suggests, this is also a scribe. It can be used on other areas, such as a straight scribe. This could be handy for door frames. Again, marking parallel marks. Also, if you ended up with something a little more awkward, something that you need to get round, and you're unsure how, you can adjust the gap. This will slide under, otherwise, then you can simply follow it along. Now you can get parallel scribe, from it, and can get it perfect. You have to excuse that little gap there. As you can see, you can run it along a certain edge and get it exact. This is great for skirting, kitchen fitters, tilers, things like that, that have to get around those sort of problems.
Naturally, that's a product for the scribing tool. I say, many uses, folds up nicely, fits in its case very well, but, more importantly, you have the pencil. You have the marking pencil, you have the different leads. Got your built in sharper, you can keep sharpening, as much as you like, and always keep your point sharp.

23rd May 2022

Hi, this is Andy from Bennett's Safe Gas. Thank you Tool Talk and Expert Trades for sending me out this Tracer ProScribe. It is the ProScribe Deep Hole Construction Pencil with replacement leads, and it is all in one kit. You can see on the back, just some of the things. Take that out, you've got this nice strong case, there is a handle. Open it up, what's inside? You've got a few instructions, how to set up, QR code. If you go to that QR code, it does show you a short video of how to use it. And this is what's inside. You have the pencil, replacement leads, there's four of those, and two yellow, they help to write on dark surfaces, and then you have the scriber itself.

So you take this out, loosen the two ends. It does adjust up and down and then slides up. It's not the deepest. I could probably use one that's slightly longer, and one that maybe extends more and more, but that's not available. It does have a nice smooth rail at the bottom. This does help and it just flies across the surfaces. That's quite nice.

The pencil that comes with it, the Tracer Deep Hole Marking Pencil, you just take it out of the sleeve. This is what you keep in your pocket, clips on the side. You push that, lead comes out, and the sharpener's just there, so that's nice if you leave this in your pocket. Then it just drops in and pushes in, and that's it, locked in.

Then the other thing in the case is the replacement leads. You just swivel that and just take your replacements out. That's the yellow, so that's what writes on dark surfaces. It all sits in this case. It is a nice case, sturdy, strong. Zipped up, you can give it a bash, give it a twist. It is strong, it is going to hold and keep them safe. Yeah, that is a nice little tool. Thank you.

23rd May 2022

It's Gareth from Udell Electrical Services. ToolTalk Expert Trades have sent me the TRACER ProScribe Kit just to try out and see what I think of it. So I'm going to get the kit out, use it on a job, and then review it and see what I think.
So I've got this door frame to scribe into the wall. The wall's not perfectly straight, and there's quite a bit of a gap there. So I'm going to use the TRACER ProScribe to scribe it in. I've already set the tool up.
Just looking at the tool briefly, it's basically like a compass. So you have to set the actual thing up. And that's the gap that I want to be measured. There's a couple of different screws. So you can angle this differently, depending on which angle, if you've got a bigger sort of scribe to do, or if you're sort of doing a profile bit. All the instructions comes in the kit like I showed earlier, but I've already set that up. So I'm going to give it a go.
So I'm just going to hold my piece of timber where I need it, and then gently hold the ProScribe TRACER against the wall and send the line.
So that's it. It's traced the outline of the wall. I'm not sure if you can just about see that on the camera. There is this bit here, which is where the light switch is. So I wasn't able to hold the TRACER flat to the wall, but I'll just marry those two lines up and then use that to cut.
So as you see that I've, I've used the ProScribe to scribe a piece of architrave into the wall. I have to say, I found it quite fiddly to get set up. These grub screws, you have to really, really tighten down because I found that I tightened it to the thing and I went down the wall and started scribing. And then found that the pencil sort of moved like that, which then moved the angle. So I then had to reset it all and found it quite sort of fiddly and time consuming. And really, even if you really tighten these up quite tight, there's still the click and the movement there, which is not what you really want if you're scribing.
I did find that it's quite a bulky thing. I was literally scribing about five mil off of the actual architrave. And to actually set up the point, you're talking a minute sort of distance. Which as you can see, the pencil moves quite a bit. I don't know if you're as scribing a bigger area, if you were wanting to describe that sort of thing in, whether it would be accurate enough. I don't know.
The other issue that I did find with it is that because it's... So this is obviously where I was wanting it to scribe. That sort of space in between the pencil and that mark. Because it's a long flat surface along the plaster wall, because I kept it on the plaster wall, there was slight notches in the plaster, just where little bits of plaster had been left. So it kind of flicked the thing out rather than keeping it flat. But that could have just been down to user error
I don't know how well it will last just with it being plastic. Obviously, if you're using it day in, day out on site, although this part is the metal and is reinforced, you've got a lot of plastic parts. So I suppose only time would tell using it on site. The pencil part itself is a great bit of kit and I've got two or three of them that I do use regularly. But in terms of the actual scribing part, this part, I don't know how much use it would actually be to an everyday tradesman.
But that's just my review. It's well designed. They've obviously put a lot of money into it to design it. And I do like the fact that it comes with the cool kit. That's all I can say, really. Give it a go.

23rd May 2022

Hi, I'm Steve from HPE Services, and I've been sent this TRACER ProScribe by Tool Talk for the review, which I'm very grateful for.

So as you can see, comes in a nice box. Take the wrapping off, which has a nice set of instructions on the back. And comes in a nice, sturdy case, so it's not going to get smashed about in the back of the van.

Going to open this. I see another set of instructions. Tells you how to set the ProScribe up. Inside the bag, there's a container with 20 leads, which are different colours, so that will be handy for marking on different materials.

The Deep Hole Pencil. I've already got one of these which I've been using awhile. Very, very handy for marking out in bathrooms, for positioning of sinks, basins, marking into deep holes say for putting boilers up. Absolutely handy piece of kit.

Then this is the new bit, the ProScribe. I've never come across this one before. But apparently, according to the instructions, it's capable of making parallel lines, use as a compass, use it for parallel marking, contour modes.

So quite easy to use, actually. The pencil slots into there. Nice little grip. Tighten up, using these to position it. Nip it on, and you use it as a compass as such. Handy for marking the positioning of pipes through kitchen units. Very handy there. You can also adjust that as a parallel marker. On a bit of wood like that, and move a little bit farther forward like that. And as you can see, marks a parallel line on there. So a quite handy bit of kit, I would imagine.

If you drop that back, it also drops through onto there. And you can use it for marking the contours, which is quite handy. So that there, straightforward piece of kit. It takes a little bit of getting used to, you know, but once you get the hang of using it, makes for quite a useful bit of tool. Quite handy. Highly recommend it, I think, right

Thanks very much for watching. And I hope you enjoy buying one. Bye-bye.

12th May 2022

Hi, guys. In Black Country Al, Fitzgerald Electrical & Plumbing Solutions. And I'm just doing a quick review for Tool Talk on the Tracer ProScribe. Basically, you've heard of Tracer. You've got the pencils, the pens. I've been using these now for a while. Pretty good. Tool Talk have sent me a kit, the ProScribe kit. It comes in a hard-ish case, a protective case, so it will protect your bits in there. You've got your pencil, your pens, and a scriber.

Basically, what it does, in a nutshell, is it marks out the contour or the shape of something that you want to cut. So if you're doing it against a wall, plasterboard, or boards, you can use it in parallel mode so it just marks the point you set it so the pencil is the same as the point and you mark along it, and it gives you the exact profile so you can saw and cut to the exact shape.

You can use a compass mode if you need to do a circle. And then the one I use, and the one I'm going to use it for the most is to scribe to do the contour. So basically, I'm going to show you on this tile. I've got it upturned, upside-down so it shows a bit more. You set your tile to the back. Measure that back from the wall, your profile, and then set the pencil just below the base there.

And from that point where you want your pencil, you can adjust that with these guys at the back here. We'll set ours just there at the front because that's the distance from that wall to the front of this architrave.

So I'm just going to run the pencil, I'll scroll it along and follow it along this tip of the architrave. And there you go. It's marked that out perfectly. You can chop that out with an angle grinder or a tile saw and that will fit in there nicely, right back against it. Tried it earlier with some pipe, so the exact same thing. Only other thing is you've got to mark out where your pipe starts and stops and then you can follow it around with this to get the contour of it.

Works perfectly and I will be using it quite often, I think. Especially for cutting around pipes and things like that and plasterboard. You know, plasterboard patches and it's got to be up to a frame or something like that again, around pipes. And perfect for marking out. Actually, it's quite well made and sturdy. And their pencils, like I said, are good. They're made to last. I've been using them for quite a while now. No complaints there.

Tracer ProScribe kit.

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