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Joby GorillaPod Tripod with BallHead

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The GorillaPod Tripod with Ball Head Kit from Joby pairs the GorillaPod 3K stand with the BallHead 3K to form a flexible and versatile support system. With the ball head, you can precisely control the direction and angle of your equipment and quickly attach it and detach it thanks to the inclusion of a quick release plate. This kit is ideal for mid-sized DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, speedlights, or any other gear weighing up to 6.6 lb
Boasting remarkable versatility for supporting your gear, the GorillaPod Tripod from Joby has legs made up of several joints that allow you to wrap it around objects and adapt it for use in uneven ground. With a load capacity of 6.6 lb, it can reliably hold most mirrorless cameras, mid-sized DSLRs, and portable lights. The notably compact construction of the tripod, featuring a 9.4" height and 8.7 oz weight, makes it easy to store or carry it while travelling.
To help improve its grip and stability on unstable surfaces, the joints and feet of the GorillaPod 3K are rubberised in certain areas. The rest of the tripod is made of stainless steel and a proprietary ABS plastic designed to provide durability and stable performance. Featuring a 1/4"-20 screw for mounting, the stand can be used directly with your gear or attached to an optional ball head for further shooting capabilities.
Can be used with cameras, lights, speakers, and any other gear weighing up to 6.6 lb that is compatible with its standard 1/4"-20 screw mount
Flexible jointed legs allow you to secure your equipment to most surfaces
Compact with a weight of 8.7 oz and height of 9.4", can be transported in a small bag or easily carried in your hands or pocket
Rubberised joint rings and feet to provide enhanced stability in difficult terrain
Durable stainless steel and ABS plastic construction

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23rd May 2018

Hi everyone, you're getting a bit of a treat today, I'm waiting for a customer outside a job, so I'm going to do a couple of reviews. So this is Tool Talk from Expert Trades. My name's Ben Curry from Electrical Innovations, an electrical contractors in Derby. Today's review a little bit different than the norm, it's not really a tool, it's actually a tripod. So this is what I've been using to do my reviews, so if anyone's watching these videos wondering what's he using to hold his phone while he's doing the reviews, it's one of these. It's quite cool, so I thought I'd show 'cause it's not just for posing on the internet, it's also useful for if you've got your phone and you've got your torch on your phone and you want a little stand you can slot it into there, put the torch on, away you go.

If you want to record your work while you're working, and then show it off later on your Facebook page, you know we're all into Facebook marketing, it's what we're all in this Expert Trades Group for, learn how to promote our own business and things like that ... If you want to post reviews of your own work to your Facebook page you can use this with your iPhone or your Samsung or anything and you can do some nice videos and let me show you how it works. So it's a standard Gorilla pod set up, so I'm in my van at the minute so you can see this is my steering wheel, and you just twist the legs and then it's set and that's it. And then you can just adjust this, you can get the best angle, phone goes in here, and that's it really.

So it's quite a cool one, Joby's kind of the brand in the business, I think, and there's thousands of copies out there. You can get them dirt cheap on Amazon or wherever else you want to buy from. I've had this one quite a while, it's pretty beaten up, I use it a lot. And yeah, it's something a bit weird, it's not normally a tool kit tool, but it's something that the social media savvy tradesman of today might find useful, so I thought I'd share that with you.

Now actually, this top section is entirely different to the tripod section, so you've got a quick release thing here and then this is just like you can stick a coin in and undo that. And then this can actually go on the bottom of your digital camera and things like that. You could even just put a floodlight on there if you really wanted, anything that's used as a standard accessory or anything that can attach to a standard accessory. And then this is what I use to hold the iPhone, so it's slotted, I've got an iPhone 7 Plus, so it's quite a large one, it expands, it grabs it, it's rubber sealed, you've got two different accessory points to attach this. And that's it.

So a random review for Tool Talk today, I've been Ben Curry, you've been watching Tool Talk, thanks for watching.